Things to Avoid when Auditioning for Student Films

It is a common perception that auditioning for student films is easy. That is where you are wrong as the casting director looks through hundreds of resumes. One common mistake is that students put simple things in the special skills section. Remember that your resume is not the only resume they will look at so better make use of the time the director has when he actually looks at your resume. Put your skills there that could be related to the role you are auditioning for.


If you are physically fit and you put cycling and weightlifting as your special skills then the director might end up going to the next resume. These skills are completely unrelated to the role you are auditioning for so better not to put them there. It is best to watch with the coupon to have someone read your resume first before passing it to the studio. You can have a trusted friend or your parents look at them over and see what you actually put there. They will definitely tell you if you put the right things or not. If you did not get called for the audition then it just means there is something wrong with what you put in there. You must do some research on the movie you are auditioning for. If it is a drama then they won’t need someone who has experience doing stand-up comedy in the past. If it is a comedy then they won’t need someone who has taken a class in doing action stunts.


Believe it or not, the special skills section of a resume is not what a director will look at first so better not to spend too much time thinking of what to put there. If you had professional training on something then, by all means, put it there but if you are going to make something up then you better know how to back it up or they will find out you are lying about it. It would be a complete waste of the casting guy’s time if you would put a thousand skills there just to make the resume longer.