Never Forget

Don’t forget to use a DSLR in taking your picture as it may seem like a lot of expenses on your part but it will be all worth it in the end when you nab the role. You can even get to use the same picture when you audition for other roles so taking the picture is a one shot thing and it is possible you will never have to do it again. Because of that, you must dress nice for it and make sure you look real nice by looking in the mirror. Another important thing to remember is not to put too much make-up in your head shot that it does not look like you anymore. You can just imagine their reaction if they call you in and they find out you don’t look like the picture you just submitted. They may dismiss you right away and think you are some kind of poser. It is best to just be yourself in the pictures and not dress up too much as if you were on a mofos coupon exhibit. You better avoid these mistakes if you want to get the role. When you do nab the role, don’t get too cocky as there are a lot of jealous people who would love to be in your shoes.